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I recently received a long- distance reading from this lovely lady and I must say, she was spot on with my reading. Thank you for the reading and the guidance Earth Woman Energies! I would definitely recommend you to anyone for a reading. Thank you and love and light!!  Fay R.


An Absolutely wonderful woman. Truly gifted and insightful. Her angel card reading was spot on and so relatable to my life and what is currently happening. Extremely grateful for her time.  Brooklyn C.


Corrie's reading was spot on, and with her guidance I feel encouraged to take steps in my life that I was procrastinating about. Thank you! By the way, I didn't give Corrie any direction as to what I wanted answered, yet she answered everything I needed.  Caroline B.


Thank you! I just had the most amazing reading!! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me so many details that I needed to hear. Especially that my loved one who recently passed is my spirit guide!  Christine M. 

I've been going through a very big career change, and Corrie has done two Angel card readings for me. Both readings were spot on and very helpful in helping me make my decision and move forward with my new career, which I am loving! Thanks, Corrie!  Tracy H.

I Thank Corrie for the best reading I have ever had. She gave me the feeling of love from my Mama that I have needed and answered questions I have ask myself every day since she went to Heaven to be with God and Even knew things that no one could have known. I consider her a blessing to my life and a true friend. I meet her on Facebook and if you want a reading and true answers you should trust in her for the answers for your heart’s desire. She is wonderful and blessed with a gift from God. Thank you, Corrie.   Brenda H.


I had an Angel Card Reading done by Corrie & was amazed at the points put forward by her. She did an excellent work by doing in depth analysis & presenting her skills in this manner. The reading amazingly describes my situation as the way it is. She gave me tools to address my issues in a concise manner. She has great knowledge & excels in her work. I really appreciate her time & effort in preparing the detailed reading. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks help. She's a real Angel and goes out of her way to help. Corrie thanks a lot in helping me to pursue my life path.   Cima A.


Corrie did a general reading for me. And I understand general reading is rather challenging in comparison to a thematic one - there wasn't a clue given to the reader at all what was bothering the client! Yet, Corrie did an accurate reading for me based on my present situation, pointing out the areas that I need to ponder upon!! I highly recommend anyone to reach her if you need divine guidance. Corrie emanates sincerity, honesty and kindness in her reading!  Nic W.

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