In a nutshell, I am a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master practitioner, a Certified Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Card Reader ™, ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, empath, musician, wife, mother, and grandmother.   I have been a music educator for 30 years in the public schools, and live in Kansas with my husband and 7 pets.    For more about my story, see below!

     My journey to becoming a Reiki practitioner and intuitive Angel Card reader started back in the spring of 1997.  I was making my living as a general music educator in the public schools, having trained as a classical pianist and music therapist.  I was attending a workshop on Guided Imagery and Music, and was introduced to Reiki energy work by one of the other workshop participants.  I was fascinated by the idea of hands-on healing, and had a unique and enlightening experience during one of the GIM exercises, in which my hands began to lift away from my body on their own, and felt as if they were electrified with energy.  The facilitator of the workshop later told me that "perhaps your hands have other work to do", and that was a clear sign for me to investigate further just what that "other work" might be.  I took the first two levels of the traditional Usui method of Reiki training later that year, but really did not do much with it other than self-practice.  It was not until early in 2015 that I began to really seek more enrichment and fulfilment in my Reiki practice and in my life in general.  I found the Chikara-Reiki-Do system of self-attunement (Judith Conroy, RMT) online, took the training, and became a Master level Reiki practitioner, as well as becoming an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church online.  Then in 2016, after doing my own research and self-study, I began doing intuitive Angel Card readings for friends, and found I was having great success and accuracy with the readings.  More importantly, however, I felt that I had finally come into my own as a true Lightworker.  I feel that now my life's purpose is to bring enlightenment, healing, and validation to those who seek it.

Why a hawk for the Earth Woman Energies symbol?  When I first moved to Kansas over 25 years ago, every few miles along the highway, I would see a red-tailed hawk sitting on a fence post, an electrical pole, etc.  It seemed to me as if they were  watching over me and  making sure I was getting to my new home okay, so I have ever since looked at these dignified, silent sentries as representatives of God, looking out for me every step of the way.