Is Reiki "voodoo" or is it harmful in any way?  No, Reiki energy can do no harm, and is not affiliated with any particular religion or set of beliefs.  Refer to the "What is Reiki?" page for more information.

Can you connect me with my departed loved ones through  Card Readings?  While there may be some practitioners who can,  I am NOT a psychic medium, so I cannot do that directly.  What I can do is give you a reading using a specific mediumship deck that can possibly help connect you to your loved ones.  Card readings in general can bring you support, comfort, and validation related to your life's issues and relationships.

Can you predict the future?  No, I cannot predict the future either, but I can help you look at your possibilities and options objectively and give you guidance, through readings or just plain common sense, that can help you make informed choices.

I received a Reiki session and now I feel worse than I did before - what's up with that?  Sometimes, but not always, a Reiki healing session will result in a "healing crisis", which is where the client will experience a reversal in the disease process, and they may feel worse before they actually feel better.  This can be caused by the energy being "stirred up" and stagnant energy and toxins being released into the body.  This will usually only last a few hours to a couple of days, and the client can help themselves by drinking plenty of fluids to help flush the toxins out of the body faster.

Can you tell me to leave my job or spouse, who to vote for, or what to do in any other situation that is really my responsibility?  No, no, and no - I can offer advice and recommendations, but what you do with that advice is up to YOU.