Earth Woman Energies offers the following services: In Person Hands-On Reiki sessions (Topeka and surrounding area only), Distance Reiki sessions, Intuitive Card Readings (several types, see longer descriptions below), and a Cup of Common Sense With Grandma (good old-fashioned and down-to-earth advice).

Hands-On Reiki                        Distance Reiki                         Card Readings                      A Cup of Common Sense

In Person Hands-On Reiki

(Topeka Area only)

45-60 Minutes


Distance Reiki

30 Minutes


 Card Readings

3 Card Reading $30

Multi Deck or 10 Card Reading $40

* After selecting your purchase with the pull-down menu, please go to the Contact page to send Corrie your request.  She will then contact you to set up the details of fulfilling your purchase.

A Cup of Common Sense With Grandma

 Common Sense Advice

30 Minutes


DISCLAIMER:  All services sold by Earth Woman Energies are non-refundable.  Advice, card readings, and Reiki energy sessions should NOT take the place of professional medical and behavioral/psychological health therapies; the client is responsible for understanding that Earth Woman Energies cannot diagnose any physical or mental health issues, prescribe medicine, or interfere with the treatment/advice of a licensed medical or legal professional.  The client understands that Earth Woman Energies may make recommendations, but those should not take the place of regular medical care or legal advice.  It is also understood that the client is making free will choices when purchasing the services of Earth Woman Energies, and the results of those services are based on numerous factors, and therefore, results cannot be guaranteed.  

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Distance Reiki Session

Distance Reiki Session 30 minutes $30